IMG_0686In December we completed a new build of a large boarding platform with bait tanks etc.

This was for a Salthouse 15 metre launch that our client bought recently and the platform wasn’t big enough for his needs.

This was a really interesting and rewarding job for Karl, who was principally in charge of this project from the outset after the owner approved Mitch’s design. After the boat went in the water and after taking time off to go fishing (why wouldn’t you?!) the owner brought her back before Christmas to fit new game poles and game chair and finish off some maintenance work.  We are delighted to say the owner is very happy with what we’ve done and it has already proved it’s value fishing. Thank you Rob for trusting us to do this work for you and we’re very happy it’s all worked out as you wanted it.







We also finished a big project in our shed at the Marina just before Christmas.

Originally our client brought the boat to us for a hull paint but, while it was with us, he decided to get us to prep and paint the cockpit too. This involved some repairs first before she was prepped & repainted. As per our normal practice we removed all the fittings, and refitted or replaced them as necessary after the painting process was completed. Mattias and his helpers have done a wonderful job and she looks great! Our client is very happy too and is looking to get us to doing the rest of the topsides at some point.